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Jade Connections

Jade Connections Limited was established in 2004 as an Internet consulting and services company focusing on delivering system and network solutions. Consulting and services are offered in the areas of network management (on-site and remote), network and host based security and in the design and deployment of scalable and cost effective enterprise class cloud computing infrastructures. Other projects include the design and implementation of highly integrated and scalable collaborative social networking web environments as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. Through Jade Connections we also provide DNS, web and email services for several sites in the region.

Jade Networks Operations

Technical and operational details related to the Jade Networks network are documented on the Network Operations site. This includes notifications of network and service changes, security, network monitoring, spam system and policies and standard network services provided.

Network Management Processor 1

This is the Network Management platform for the Jade Network in Hong Kong. Additional hosts are planned for late 2015 in either the USA and/or UK for additional remote monitoring capabilities. Registration with Jade Networks is required to access this site (the guest login does not provide access to any data).

Jade Networks Operations List Server

This is the mailing list server for Jade Network Operations. All Network Monitoring lists reside here.