Internet Services

Jade Connections provides Internet services in the areas of Network and Host Monitoring, Hosting and soon in the areas of Computer and Network Security. Full domain hosting of DNS, web and email services are provided for several companies in the region.

The Jade Network is an IPv4 based network. We manage a /22 (1024 addresses) with over a thousand addresses still available for our use. Migration to a dual IPv4/IPv6 network configuration is planned for mid-2016. All Jade servers are RAID configured to ensure there is never any loss of data. Automated backups are done for every server to a dedicated backup server with this backup data then further being replicated offsite on a daily basis providing a second layer of data protection.

Network and Host Monitoring

Network Management is the monitoring of network devices, applications, sensors, and any other equipment or processes that are part of or associated with a network. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is commonly used to monitor standard network devices (servers, routers, switches, etc). Embedded processes can be run on servers and workstations to gain access to additional machine and operating system specific data. Jade Connections provides both on-site and remote monitoring services.

Domain Name System Hosting

The Domain Name System (DNS) is an Internet domain name to address lookup service. It provides mapping from domain names (like to Internet IP addresses and other critical domain related information (Mail Exchanger, SPF, etc). Jade Connections provides DNS hosting services for companies either as a standalone service or as part of a complete domain hosting package including email and web hosting.

Electronic Mail Hosting

Electronic Mail has been and continues to be one of the most important ways to communicate on the Internet. Jade Connections runs redundant MTA's and a dedicated Message Store server to hold all messages. Most customer accounts are configured with no storage limits. Remote access is accomplished using any standard email client capable of using the IMAP remote access protocol (almost all modern clients). We can also setup domain based webmail and list server systems with private labelling based on customer requirements.

Web Hosting

Jade Connections provides complete Linux based web hosting. Our servers are configured with the latest versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL (MariaDB), Perl, Ruby, Python and other tools. Other configurations can also be provided on a custom basis. Complete solutions or development assistance for most applications can also be provided through our web consulting services.