About Jade Networks

Jade Networks is a service of Jade Connections Limited responsible for all Internet related business.  We are a small Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and hosting provider in Hong Kong.  Our focus is mainly with Unix/Linux based solutions however we also work with other platforms including Cisco, Microsoft Windows, and macOS based systems.  Internet consulting, technical writing, and training services are also provided for customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Our people have been involved with Unix and networking since the very earliest days of the Internet.   This includes working for some of the first computer companies in the Silicon Valley offering Unix solutions during the early 1980’s.  This was followed up working with groups that built the first commercial TCP/IP networking products.  This was the first time TCP/IP was available commercially, outside of the ARPANET, and led the way to the establishment of the public Internet as we know it today.   During the late 80’s and early 90’s was involved doing applied R&D (network protocols) for the US Government, following that up by establishing International Messaging Associates, one of the first companies to provide MIME compliant email gateway products.  During this time we remained active in Internet standards groups (IETF) focused on electronic messaging specifications.

Today our focus is on providing modern solutions for the design, security, monitoring, and managing of enterprise networks.  We believe that business goals need to be the driving force behind enterprise infrastructure security and management.  The technologies used are the tools to implement these goals and directives.  By focusing on the business first rather than pushing a particular technology agenda, we help customers build and adapt existing networks providing cost-effective, targeted, secure and manageable solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Managed Security Services

Long gone are the days when a single general systems administrator could build, manage, protect, run, and extend a medium sized network on their own.   The technologies involved have been evolving so rapidly that it has become a challenge even for those in the industry to keep up with everything.  Small to medium sized business simply don’t have the resources to devote a specialized IT staff needed for today’s environments.

We work with companies to match their business needs with the IT infrastructure needed to support them.   This “business first” approach allows us to put systems in place that are tailored to their specific needs.  We work with customers to establish what works best for them.   This can include any combination of on-site or off-site IT and human resources needed to monitor and run their solutions.  As there is no single approach which will solve all problems we work with a variety of security, monitoring, and SIEM solutions.   For more information on how we can help your organization, please see our Managed Services page.

Hosting Services

It is hard to imagine any modern business who could survive without being able to electronically communicate with their customers.   This includes web services and applications, email, instant messaging and others.  For most companies these communication tools are essential to their business, but it may not be cost effective for them to build and operate all of them internally.  It is more important for them to focus on their core business rather than communication infrastructures and the staff needed to build and maintain them.

Jade Networks provides hosting services in the areas of DNS, Email, and Web Services.  If you have an application or other need for a connected server but don’t want to build your own infrastructure we can host your server in our datacenter.  Additional services, such as Internet telephony (VoIP), can also be hosted.  Let us know what you need and we can work with you to setup the appropriate hosted solution(s).

Network Operations

The Jade Network is co-located at the Telecom Malaysia datacenter in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.  We run a /22 network and still have most of our allocated addresses available for customer use.  We tightly manage and monitor our network using many of the same tools we can apply to customer networks.   We have also developed our own security infrastructure which co-exists with other standard security solutions.  The Jade developed SpamTools help in the automation of spam processing and the maintenance of our DNSBL used to help protect our email users.  More information can be found on our Network Operations page.

Other Services

We also provide consulting services in the areas listed above as well as in the areas of network architecture and design, voice over IP (Internet telephony), software development (backend server and infrastructure) and web design.  We also can assist with technical writing projects and work with companies to establish specialized training programs in the above areas.

Last Modified: December 16, 2019