Other Services

Jade Networks provides general IT and Internet consulting services, business and technical writing assistance, and training services.


We provide consulting services in the areas of Internet infrastructure, system and network planning and administration, and software development with a focus on Internet infrastructure.  This includes the design, deployment, audit, capacity planning, security and monitoring of enterprise class servers, services, and networks.  Other projects we’ve done include the design and implementation of highly integrated and scalable collaborative social networking web environments, Voice over IP (VoIP systems, DNS infrastructure, and email services.  We have experience working at the hardware, software and systems levels and can assist with designs which require the proper matching of capabilities across all three areas.  Please see our Consulting Services page for more information.

Business and Technical Writing

English language business and technical writing assistance is available for companies in the region.  In some situations we might be able to provide support in other languages.   Please contact us and let us know what you need and we’ll get right back to you.  If we can’t provide direct help we’ll do what we can to find another organization of consultant that can be of more assistance.  More information can be found on our Business and Technical Writing page.


Jade Networks can provide training in the areas of general IT, the specialized areas of IT documented on this site, basic computer programming and electronics.  We can also build and host online courses if needed. Past projects have been done with Moodle as well as various WordPress plugins to support on-line education. We’re currently working on a project to provide blended learning environments for primary and secondary students in the areas of basic programming and electronics (IoT).  For more information please see our Training Services page or contact us and let us know how we can help.

Last Modified: December 16, 2019