Jade Networks Operations

Jade Networks is a service of Jade Connections Limited and is responsible for all Internet related business. Jade Networks provides customized Internet services and solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.  We provide managed services in the areas of security, monitoring and analysis / response systems.  Other services include DNS, Email, Web Hosting, Voice over IP (VoIP), and Dedicated Server hosting for companies in the region.

This section of the site documents the technical and operational details related to the Jade network.  This includes notifications of network and service changes, security, monitoring, spam system and policies and other resources provided.


Server and Network Security are our top priority. This philosophy is applied to both how we manage our networks and for customer managed services. Data breaches, bandwidth theft, spam and other security issues can have a huge negative impact on individuals and business.  Server and network attacks on the Jade infrastructure result in total blockage of the offending IP address(es) at our exterior firewall.  For more information on full IP blocks and how to be removed see:


Jade Networks Managed Services use a wide range of monitoring tools. Many of these are also used to monitor the Jade Network and are tightly integrated with our security tools.

Most alerts and notifications are generated through our Zabbix network management platform which monitors both datacenter assets and remote applications. For more information see:

SPAM Prevention

Jade Networks utilizes many countermeasures in it's attack against spam.  We also have a very strict no-spam policy for our users.  For a detailed end-user introduction to spam see our What Is Spam page.

System documentation can be found in our SPAM operations pages:

Last Modified: May 14, 2018