Electronic Mail Hosting

Electronic Mail has been and continues to be one of the most important ways to communicate on the Internet. Jade Connections runs triple redundant MTA’s and a dedicated Message Store server to hold all messages. Most customer accounts are configured with no storage limits. Remote access is accomplished using any standard email client capable of using the IMAP remote access protocol (almost all modern clients). We can also setup domain based webmail systems with private labeling based on customer requirements.

Remote POP3 access is currently disabled. When users use a standard POP3 email client the messages are removed from the server and stored on the local PC. When this happens remote access to email using a standard IMAP client or by webmail is no longer possible. It also eliminates the ability to provide backups of user email on the server side. With this in mind combined with all the recent problems other organizations have had managing email we have turned off POP3 remote access. If your organization requires POP3 access please let us know and we can enable on a case by case basis.

Jade Connections has a strict NO SPAM policy. This applies both to customer accounts as well as spam received by our systems. SPAM originating from the Jade networks is strictly against our anti-spam policies and grounds for account termination. This is for the protection of both Jade Connections and our customers as SPAM origination quickly gets an organization blacklisted across the Internet. This makes it very difficult to send email to clients and partners. For more information on our activities in the fight against SPAM please visit the SPAM Policy, Blacklisting and Technical Details page for details.

For customers who need to run their own mailing list server we can provide private labeled MailMan based list managers.

For more information on Jade Connections Email and other Hosting plans please contact Jade Connections Sales.

Last Modified: December 16, 2019